gelquir : About us

gelquirGelquir is a company created in 2003, resulting from the willingness of one of its partners to explore individually all his experience and know-how gathered along an extensive, 30-year-long career, within the industry of resin transformation.

With his knowledge and the focus on regular training and research & development on innovative products, Gelquir has established itself in the market as a valuable choice, a company which is constantly evolving. This may be confirmed by the extensive group of internationally renowned companies that have since become our customers and partners, in various areas, such as:

  • Nautical Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Cold Industry
  • Construction
  • Pools, Reservoirs, Silos, etc.

Gelquir especially focuses on product customization. Products should fit the customer’s needs (and not the other way around!). With the tinting process and the wide variety of physical product features, we guarantee that the product will meet and exceed the customer’s needs and expectations.

In this way, it is our aim to walk along side our customers, providing them innovative and constantly up-to-date materials at all times. To achieve this, we keep searching for suppliers that meet our standards of quality and innovation, which is our requirement, as well as our customers’.


SedeWe have a 1600 m2 space, strategically located in the Industrial Estate of Ovar. The entire production process, warehouse facilities, as well as administration and quality departments are situated at this site.
We also have a representative located in the outskirts of Lisbon.

Our products are distributed nationwide.

Office hours: Monday to Friday 7h30-17h00 | Lunch 12h00-13h30